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Chief Brand Products is located in Trinidad & Tobago. The company was established in 1957 and today is the largest manufacturer/exporter of spices, seasonings and condiments in the entire Caribbean region.  Born in Trinidad and with a rich history, we’re the largest manufacturer/exporter of spices, seasonings and condiments in the entire Caribbean region.

Chief Brand Products

To continue innovating, KM Imports Inc. decided to develop its own brand of fine quality foods.  In 2015, the organization made a decision to begin with staple items, including rice, sugar and cooking oils.  

Amita Brand Products

From its earliest beginnings with the design of soft drinks with the traditional heavy Solo glass bottles. to the present time to the future to come, Solo has always been, and will always be a trademark of quality and fine craftsmanship beyond compare.

Solo Beverages

A line of dry mix goods, manufactured in Trinidad & Tobago.  Lion's Brand has been a household staple for decades in all Caribbean homes. 

Lion Brand

Proudly made in Trinidad & Tobago. Lat Chiu's is the premier brand of Chinese-Trinidadian style preservatives.  A method of preserving fruit by drying then adding spices, salt, & pepper!  This method of preserving fruit is from the Chinese heritage of Trinidad & Tobago.

Lat Chiu Products

Sheik Lisha Ltd. was established in Trinidad and Tobago in the year 1954.  The brand is synonymous with the classic Vermicelli or Sawaine as a traditional type of pasta similar to spaghetti. It is mainly used in the making of the ‘Sawaine Drink’ and other food recipes.

Sheik Lisha Ltd. 

The company was established since 1994 and today is one of the leading manufacturer / exporter of premium quality sauces, seasonings, spices, condiments, seamoss drink, jellies, fruit cordials, mauby, browning and essences in Trinidad and Tobago.  

Karibbean Flavours Products 

Originating in the United Kingdom and has been produced in Trinidad & Tobago since 2007 - Peadrax has been a household name for over 50 years.  This uniquely distinct drink has been in Caribbean households for all special occasions and can now be enjoyed everyday! 


Proudly made in Trinidad & Tobago. Patsy's is the premier brand of salty fried snacks! It’s salted fried chickpeas spiced with pepper.  It was a popular movie theater snack in Trinbago back in the 1950s and 60s. Today, it’s a staple for any get together!

Patsy's Brand 

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