About Us

A Taste from Home

The company was founded by Khalil Mohammed and his wife, Zenifa in 1994. Recognizing a lack in the traditional snacks from back home they decided to import their first shipments of Trinidad-style preserve fruits. Quickly they expanded to tropical sugar confections,  chocolate and other snacks, eventually landing their first major distribution with Solo Beverages.

Growth and Variety 

Over the years, we’ve built a solid basket of products and brands that KM Imports Inc. considers staples of the company such as SoloBeverages, Chief Brand Products and the Karibbean Flavours lines. 
Beyond the amazing creations from our staple brands we now carry product lines from over 20 manufacturers and producers in from the Caribbean, giving Canada the greatest variety of West Indian products they've ever  seen. 

Amita Brand

In 2015 we established and introduced our own line of staple products under the name Amita Products. Offering staple items such as rice,sugar and cooking oils.

The successful line of products can be found in large retailers such as Loblaws and No frills.

Vision and Innovation

Today our company continues to be family-run honouring the legacy formed by Khalil back in 1994.  We continue to support the local community as our way of giving back to where we now call home.


Going forward we are implementing a three year strategic vision that will enable us to expand operations to scale for increased offerings while exploring new products from across the Caribbean that address changing consumer dietary needs.

Canada's Most Trusted Distributor of Quality Caribbean & International Food Products!

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