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We've moved! We are conveniently located close to Brimley Rd. and Eglinton Ave. E, in Scarborough. Please call us for details.



Phone: 905-420-7400
Fax: 905-420-0604

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K. M Imports Logo, Trusted Canadian importer of goods from the caribbean and international food products. Supplier for major grocers of caribbean, west Indian, staples. Products include solo beverages, rice, sugar, flour, spices and seasonings, chocolates, trinitario chocolate. Proud Distributor of Quality Caribbean & International Food Products. Canada’s number one choice. Distributor of green seasonings, hot pepper, red mango, Amita Brand, Karibbean flavours, Peardrax, Lion Brand, Patsy’s Channa. Professional Service and excellent customer service. Supplier of the quality imports from the caribbean.

Canada's Most Trusted Distributor of Quality Caribbean & International Food Products!

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